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College starts back up and shortly after so do high schools.  Why not get involved this year and make a difference? Only two colleges, Niagara University and Canisius College, in Western New York have “Donate Life Clubs” on campus, compared to the local high schools that have over 49 clubs.

UNYTS provides an opportunity to educate on the importance of blood and organ donation while also saving lives in the community by hosting blood drives and increasing the donor registry. You may have recently heard Kevin Schwartz, from Niagara University, talking with Shannon Steele from Kiss 98.5 about how vital blood and organ donation is and how he has been involved with Donate Life Clubs from high school, and now has started a club at Niagara University. Kevin feels passionate about this cause and hopes to inspire others to begin “Donate Life” clubs at their perspective colleges.

Kevin Schwartz from Niagara University talking with Shannon Steele from Kiss 98.5

Kevin has stated, “The reason I became passionate about UNYTS is because my grandfather was having a very rough time in the hospital and was going through massive amounts of blood. I heard about UNYTS and how all the blood given to this organization stays here in the community. So I felt that I could finally give back to the person who cared for me my whole life by giving blood to Upstate New York Transplant Services. Ever since then I have been involved with UNYTS, planning blood drives, and spreading the word throughout the community about how special UNYTS really is.”

UNYTS Donate Life clubs are a great way to give back to your community and contribute to a very worthy cause. Kevin feels “it is very important for colleges to start “Donate Life” clubs to get people aware of this great organization which is right here in our backyard. With the rapid growth of high school’s starting “Donate Life” clubs; it is only a matter of time before the colleges in the area follow suit. College students, being from the ages of 18 to 22, make huge decisions at this time in their life. By showing them how great Donate Life programs are, we are making a positive shift in the community. Be a part of giving back to your community by teaming up with UNYTS.

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